Search Rebel helps you direct your investment to your core business

Through consulting services, project outsourcing, staffing services, and the use of our exclusive Solution Incubator platform, we commit to energize your team and increase your bottom line.


Consulting Services
Custom Software Development
Staffing Services
Solution Incubator
Digital Marketing

The Search Rebel Way

Expertise and Honesty.

Our commitment with our clients is to have complete transparency.

From the initial discovery call to engagement finalization, we will be in constant communication with your leaders and stakeholders.

With Search Rebel you get much more than a set of recommendations or additional staff; you get a long-term partner you can trust.

Our clients tell us frequently how different we are from our competitors. Our seniority, dedication, communication and investment in our developers puts us on a niche apart.

CALL US for references.


We work within the US time zones
10 years of experience in S&P 500 companies
We visit your company if necessary

Consulting Services

We provide consulting services for software projects in any language, platform and vertical. With big emphasis on Big Data, Search Engines, Enterprise Systems and Databases. Our experts are available to guide your technological implementations.

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Big Data Processing
Programming Languages
BI / Data Warehouse
Elastic Search
Node js

Custom Software Development

We have developed a vast portfolio of custom solutions for businesses of all sizes. Big Data, Transactional Systems, Image Processing, Machine Learning, Web Crawlers, YES we have built them all. All Programming languages, all databases, relational and NoSQL, Hadoop, Data Warehouses, CALL US, and tell us about your project.

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Enterprise development

With experience in API's, Databases, Interfaces, Big Data and Cloud Computing, our developers can take on projects of any complexity and scale.


Our full-stack developers aim to provide a predictable, functional and customized applications.

Quality Assurance

Continuous product testing is performed using various methods. Including smoke, regression, integration and performance tests.

UX / UI design

We build for your customers agile, attractive and satisfying experiences through desktop and mobile interfaces. CALL US to see examples.


Search Rebel brings more than 20 years experience in staffing our clients projects with full stack and specialized developers. We are not a traditional agency which means that we won't do a web search for a developer. We only staff with in-house, experienced developers that have been cross-trained in multiple software platforms.

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Best When:

  • Client has a limited time to deliver project.
  • There is a need for flexibility on the assignments and technologies.
  • The tasks has been clearly identified and the ramp-up needs to be minimal.

Best when:

  • Projects require longer delivery times.
  • Technologies have been defined.
  • Tasks can be clearly defined and estimated.

* Rate Discount

Best When:

  • Daily scrums and status meetings are needed.
  • Client wants full control of developer tasks.
  • Occasional weekend and night support.

* Superior Rate Discount.

Solution Incubator

Building a solution requires a considerable investment in time and resources. Turbo charge the delivery of your core proposition using Search Rebel's Solution Incubator. We take care of the infrastructure and building blocks, while you focus on your value added capital.

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Create better experiences

You can create websites, home page, newsletter, your own virtual store and a wide range of elements. You will also achieve better user experiences and the success of your business.

Store and edit content in the cloud

Our full-stack enabled developers have a wide variety of technologies. They will always provide a predictable, functional and personalized application.

Aplication Builder

With our technology we can boost your company. Are you worried about the security of your data? Do you need a website? Do you require an ecommerce? We can help you.

Create digital products very fast

The content infrastructure helps teams to unify the content in a control panel from which they can make decisions about their marketing and develop the web to suit them.

Digital Marketing

We are a multidisciplinary team that puts at your disposal all our capabilities to help you achieve success in your solutions. We have designed and executed marketing and digital campaigns for our clients at a very affordable cost with a near shore model. CALL US to see some examples.

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Content Marketing

Learn more about the trends in content management and the evolution of your brand's digital experiences.

Digital Marketing

We are a specialized team that will help you to position your brand in the digital world, this in an organic way and through campaigns specially designed to achieve your goals.

Social Media

Social media marketing is rapidly positioning itself at the core of many brands marketing strategies, in Search Rebel we can help your brand to be positioned in the top results.

Digital experience

With our technology and experience, it is now easier than ever to integrate data from various sources, either from your local database, a remote database.

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