Our commitment to excellency starts with complete transparency to our clients and developers.

For more than 20 years we have helped companies across different industries (Digital Marketing, Fraud Detection, Media and Entertainment, Retail, Social Networks) creating innovative software solutions, whether you are an S&P 500 company or a promising startup, if you are in the middle of a big data project or planning a data warehouse, Search Rebel commits to ensuring your success.

Unlike many IT consulting companies, Search Rebel is constantly growing in the knowledge of technology and intellectual capital, making all this knowledge available to our clients.

Our whole team works united as one, always on your side.

Our Founders

Our founders Raúl Navarro and Victor Nieto leveraged their more than 20 years experience managing global teams delivering projects of large scale for S&P 500 companies to form a talented near-shore team of full stack developers. The growing trend of globalization and automation in the software industry makes us a very attractive partner for any enterprise.

Raul Navarro Cantú

Founder and CEO

Raul Navarro-Cantu is Search Rebel's Founder and CEO. Raul's mission as an entrepreneur has been to form and lead high performance teams to drive fundamental change in business.

Victor Jaime Nieto

Founder and CTO

Victor Nieto is one of Search Rebel's Founders and CTO. Victor is an incredibly talented technologist that has been a thought leader in every company that he has helped transform.

With our help, your company can face the data processing challenges

We are a team of experts with extensive experience processing Big Data and everything related to the technological world aimed at implementing Big Data strategy to achieve the success of your company.


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